Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's how I know he loves me.

The day after Valentine's Day is "Chocolate Day" at Dave's office.
It has been for years.
Which, by itself, isn't too odd, but if you look at the larger picture you see:
they like to celebrate with food.
For example:
St.Patrick's Day - Soda bread anyone?
Fat Tuesday - You bet there will be doughnuts.
Easter - There's more than chocolate bunnies.
Fourth of July - Home of the Free!
Cinco de Mayo - Pass the salsa con queso, please.
Halloween - Grab some of your kids stash to share!
Thanksgiving - Don't we already eat enough now?
Christmas - Cookie overload, folks!
Oh yeah - anyone having a birthday - bring your own treat to share.
Getting married? Having a baby?
There will be a celebration with cake (please note: Dave prefers if it's from Costco).
I am sure I am missing something, but I want to avoid exaggerating to make my point.
No, he doesn't work in food services. He is in corporate offices. Does this happen everywhere? Back in the day I was a teacher.
Now I know those elementary teachers can rock out the snack with all those kid birthdays - but at the secondary level it was less common.
But is this what all those business persons are doing all day? If so, go desk-work!
So, back to Chocolate Day.
I want to represent my Hubbs well.
No stopping at the grocery store to buy snack here. Homemade, baby.
So this year I made my husband Chocolate Whoopie Pies to share with the class, oh, I mean, his co-workers. They were tasty.

And how do I know my husband loves me?
This year, on Chocolate Day, he smuggled a Tupperware container to work, filled it with chocolate treats, and brought it home for his wifey.
Who says romance is just for Valentine's Day?
This boy knows the way to my heart.
He understands how I work.
He's picking up what I'm laying down.
After 10 years, this guy knows my love language: FREE.