Sunday, April 24, 2011

Once upon a time..

I dreamed I had a blog.
I would write down all the funny things that happened in my days.
I would record photos and witty sayings of my children.
I would charm grandparents and friends.

Then I woke up...
and tripped over the vacuum,
and nearly fell into a basket of laundry.. was that clean or dirty?
Someone was hungry, then the kitchen needed cleaning.
Then I had to contain/restrain the littles while teaching the older ones something school-ish.
Do I hear harsh words needing correcting?
Is that arguing from the other room?
I am off to handle it, then back to schooling again.
Kids are hungry again?
Eat, drink, wipe, kitchen tidy.
Is it naptime yet?
Make sure everyone goes tinkles, has their blankey and is tucked in...
ahhhh... quiet time....
I sit, I rest.
I breathe.
(Sometimes I even sleep!)
Do I hear footsteps upstairs?
Wake up time.
Hungry, again?
Apples or carrots.
What's for dinner?
Wash, chop, boil, season.
Set the plates and silverware on the table.
Helpers help set the table.
Re-set the table.
Find missing forks.
Run, greet, kiss.
Dinner time.
Sit and eat.
More, please.
Wipe, clean, stack, load.
Running, wrestling and noise.
Soon it's bedtime.
Running, wrestling, and noise.
Brush teeth.
Running, wrestling, and noise.
Tinkles and jammies.
Running, wrestling, and noise.
Stories, kisses and prayers.
Lights out.
Talking siblings.

Mommy and Daddy can sit.
and breathe
and talk.
"Dave, you'll never guess what happened today..."
Time for bed.
Maybe I will dream about having a blog....