Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again.

We started our homeschooling this year.
Our days are busy, but the extra structure seems to be helpful with the
end-of-summer-boredom that was setting in.

Somehow I have a first grader.
He is almost 7.
Fast, confident, and funny.

I also have a silly girl in kindergarten.
She thinks that she has to keep up with her big brother and she works hard to do it.
She loves to help her momma in the kitchen.
After years of saying she doesn't like peppers and tomatoes,
this summer she started to eat both.

Meanwhile, these two are quite the pair.
Luckily, they are cute.
The year of being two holds nothing to the months we've had so far of being three.
My heart stops just thinking about what the rest of the year will be like.

The kids are too fun together.
They laugh, cry, tease, tattle, and play hard.
All. Day. Long.
It is so fun to watch these little people grow and learn to love one another.