Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Looong Underwear

Conversation today with un-named child:

Mom: Are you wearing underwear?
Child: No, these are called long underwear, so I don't need the others.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Too many pillows and a messy kitchen.

Dave was sick with a terrible cold last week.
Now every time Dave coughs Caleb now asks his daddy, "Do you need to spit?"
Also, Dave uses a couple extra pillows to sleep at night.
Seriously? Is there ANY way this could be comfortable?

This morning I asked Lydia what kind of bagel she would like and she promptly starting pointing and saying "eeny, meeny, miny, moe......"
She even included the second verse, "my mother told me to pick the very best one...."

It is warm here today - like sweatshirt warm.

After breakfast and morning chores, we went to the dairy to get milk and visit the baby cows.
Liam found the youngest one (3 days old!). She was so soft - yes, I even touched it.
He said he was going to come home and write it's number in his notebook to help him remember which one was his favorite.

A couple nights ago I acquired black Converse sneakers for $1.50.
I brought them home gave them a nice soak and scrub.
Today I feel like a cute mama in my 'new' sneaks.

I also went to Granny's - a local Amish-run store.
A police officer came in and asked if anyone had dialed 911 and hung up.
The girls didn't know anything about it and the officer asked to look around just to be sure things were alright. I joked about them making prank calls and all I got in return were blank stares. I'll blame the language barrier. Later the matriarch of the family came in and said she was dialing. 9...1.... then the button got stuck ....1... PANIC! So, she hung up.
I bet that sly gal knows what pranking is.

Before naps, I overheard Caleb saying "cross my heart" to Liam.

At lunch I made the TASTIEST green smoothie.
I even shared.
4 out of 4 kids LOVED it.
If my face fit in there I would lick it.

Now, my kitchen looks like this:

It's almost like a game of I SPY.....
Can you find:
frozen peaches defrosting for dinner
extra spinach for tomorrow's smoothie
Lightening McQueen
whole wheat bread that I bought at Granny's for $1 a loaf
stack of cards just waiting to be opened on my birthday
bag of quinoa

I will stop there.
I have a kitchen to clean up.
And dinner to prep.
And did I mention that we have care group here tonight?
and in 1.5 hours 4 other kids are coming for the afternoon?
My hope is to take them all for a nice sunny walk to the track
because it's sweatshirt warm and I have some new sneaks to show off.