Friday, May 18, 2012

Excited to Share.... almost.

I have been enjoying participating in Crowdtap and was finally selected for my first Sample Share.  
The plan was that they would send me two coupons - one for me and one for a friend.  
I was so pumped and started trying to figure out who I'd bring shopping.

The sad news... my coupons never came.  
I contacted them on multiple occasions and finally heard back that they couldn't track my coupons or get them to me in time.  

I hope that they can make it right and give me another opportunity soon!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can you estimate what we learned in school?

So my little miss six year old has a loose tooth.

Actually, it is beyond loose and it's only hanging on by a thread.
Literally - I can see the roots.  
Click, zoom, do what it takes, but there they are.
Two days ago, it was barely loose.

We were running a quick errand this afternoon and from the back seat this is what I overheard:

Clara: Daddy is going to be SO surprised when he sees my tooth!  He's going to come home and say, "WOW!  That's a loose tooth!"  And he will laugh.  Do you think he will laugh?

Silence.  Everyone else was reading or chillaxin'.

Clara:  Well, that's just what I am estimating.  Caleb, do you know what estimating is?

Caleb:  Yes.

Clara:  What is it then?

Caleb:  I don't know.

Clara:  Well, estimating is guessing.  I am just guessing.  I am estimating that Daddy will laugh.

Well, friends, my estimation is that this tooth isn't going to make it another 24 hours.