Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This little bugger is an animal.

The babies briefly fell asleep this morning in book-time, so I went in to wake them up.

Lydia woke up with a roll and a stretch and a sleepy head.

Caleb jumped up and started growling.

He loved food from the start.

He keeps pace with Li-li and Rara.

He was climbing before he could walk.

He has eaten dirt on multiple occasions... and keeps doing it.

He has no fear. And will reach or touch or jump from anywhere.

My little man is full of energy.
From day 1 he has been consistently living up to his middle name.
He LOVES to play instruments and it's the toy he most requests to play with.
He bites.
I'd like to think of it as a release of energy. Sometimes I don't even think he knows he's doing it. He bites when he's silly/wild/wound up, not angry.
He dances, jumps, runs and climbs.
He forms great sentences.
He eats like a champ.
He watches out for his sister.
Whenever he gets something, he always asks for one for Lydia , then takes it to her.
He can climb out of his crib, mess up the room, then climb back in to fall asleep.

He loves I SPY books and 'E-I-E-I-O'.
He loves his thumb.
His blanket, or 'bubba', as he calls it, is a pair of 24 months fleece footies.
He insists that they are spread out, and inside out, to sleep.
He looks like his daddy.
He is silly and funny.
He's an entertainer.

He was a goofy looking baby, with his silly faces and tongue hanging out,
but now he is one of the cutest 2 year olds I know.

For as much as he loves to bounce off the walls, he loves to snuggle with his mama.
This is the one who keeps me on my toes.
He makes me laugh daily.

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