Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can you estimate what we learned in school?

So my little miss six year old has a loose tooth.

Actually, it is beyond loose and it's only hanging on by a thread.
Literally - I can see the roots.  
Click, zoom, do what it takes, but there they are.
Two days ago, it was barely loose.

We were running a quick errand this afternoon and from the back seat this is what I overheard:

Clara: Daddy is going to be SO surprised when he sees my tooth!  He's going to come home and say, "WOW!  That's a loose tooth!"  And he will laugh.  Do you think he will laugh?

Silence.  Everyone else was reading or chillaxin'.

Clara:  Well, that's just what I am estimating.  Caleb, do you know what estimating is?

Caleb:  Yes.

Clara:  What is it then?

Caleb:  I don't know.

Clara:  Well, estimating is guessing.  I am just guessing.  I am estimating that Daddy will laugh.

Well, friends, my estimation is that this tooth isn't going to make it another 24 hours.

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