Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting Sporty with Crowdtap and Old Navy

I want to introduce you to Deanna.  
She's the world's best babysitter.  
She is cheerful and fun and loves to play with the kids.  
It's always comical to hear them talk about their adventures with her from the night before as they debrief me at breakfast the next morning.
Deanna is a runner and we have seen her run in a handful of local races that Dave has run also.

For all these reasons, it was so fun for me to call Deanna to ask if she could meet me at Old Navy.  Old Navy and Crowdtap sent me two coupons for FREE active wear, so we could each pick a top and a bottom.  

Fortunately, Deanna works just minutes form our Old Navy and we could meet there over her lunch.

It was so much fun!  In the end, we both picked the same top and bottom.  The bright blue jackets and black bottoms.

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