Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why don't I have time to blog?

Peeking through our windows this week:

  • fall is here! we woke up to a brisk 63 degrees inside our home and we got to turn on the yummy heat.

  • the babies pulled my desk chair over to the microwave and ate chocolate cake that was being stored there as well as liam's and clara's goody bags from his bday pinata. they were so happy at their good fortune to find these goodies. caleb was listing all his treats. 'mommy, i eat cake,i eat candy, i eat lollyPOP, i eat num! (gum)' after cleaning up the sticky mess and the sticky babies i addressed behavior and after caleb's 'correction' he stood up and said "i eat lollypops...." i guess it was totally worth it for that boy. he. cracks. me. up.

  • the babies are not yet interested enough to sit and watch a video. (see above)

  • clara fed lydia one of her toenails... and lydia ate it.

  • a couple of 2 year olds have decided to climb out of bed whatever the cost... including 4 times during a ladies meeting in our home.

  • if one of the twins wakes up in the middle of the night, s/he wakes the other one and they climb out - in the middle of the night. however, last night lydia woke-up and climbed out 4 times between 12:30 and 1:30. so we eventually just put her in our bed, then in the packNplay in our room.

  • while on a walk with daddy one of the children and the jogger stroller rolled into the pond.

  • amidst the madness, my hubbs let me prepare for and participate in my first craft show. it may be my last, but i did really well.

on another note, these kids are so stinkin' cute! they are playing well together and enjoying their days as brothers and sisters. they give me much to laugh at when I'm not pulling out my hair. :)
or wiping up leftover chocolate cake.


  1. o my becky-
    clara's sleep schedule sounds a bit like jyla's!! we are trying the pack n play in our room thing too! (that is where we put here after 5-6 times of her waking up in crib!)

    & the craft better NOT be your last!! ok, well maybe it can be for now because other more important things/people are needing you ...but maybe there can be another way for me to buy your goods???? =)
    thank you so much for being so sweet to my girl yesterday! i appreciated it!

    as for the twins...the are so great!! i've been in 1 yr. olds w/jyla & i just get a kick out of your 2!!!!! clara was so sweet to me today.

    you are a wonderful mother becky!!! i admire you lots!

  2. Seriously, I love the blog! I'm so happy to have a little window into the kids hi-jinks:) So, what news of this craft show? I want details!

  3. Becky, you crack me up! I'm snorting and guffawing so loud my family is wondering WHAT IS UP!