Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Silence is mischief.

Exhibit A. Any guesses?
I included my bling for size reference.
We have a cold house so at the first hint of cold weather we use this for added insulation around the windows. It usually looks like this:
Never mind the smudgy sills. They add character.

So that is what the putty usually looks like. It comes in a nice little roll and Dave unfurls it and presses it into the seam of the window. I have decided it's like the male version of shaping pie crust. See those fingerprint dents? It is art.
Well, basically, it's like putting play-doh on each window and asking kids not to play with it. But we covered that and were VERY clear that this was a "no touch".
There is a sill in a window in the nursery that didn't fare so well, and it was a little picked at, but that was a teachable moment and baby A and baby B seemed to have caught on quickly.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and all the kids are playing on Liam and Clara's bunk beds. Everyone is occupied. Older kids on top, twins on the bottom. I am a cheerful mommy accomplishing my daily tasks as my kiddos entertain themselves. I faintly remember hearing Liam call out, "Mommy, the babies are chewing on..." No big deal, if it were something important Liam would come running, or be screaming about the fate of his toy. I kept working. Time passes.

Well, let's hope that window putty passes, too, because Lydia swallowed her gum, or as she called it 'num'. Caleb, however, just kept on chewing and had about half of it in his mouth when he was discovered. See exhibit A at the top. I'm not sure how much Lydia ate, but she wasn't very hungry for lunch.

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  1. Nice,I think I saw the same putty thing done in the Pottery Barn catalog. Hey at least it wasn't poo, woot,woot. Did you have to call poison control?