Friday, December 17, 2010

Efficient Teamwork.

Last week we made a gingerbread house for family night. It was a hit.

In an effort to prevent the kids from sucking the icing right out of the tube, I piped the icing on and the kids decorated it. For the most part they were very self-controlled to not eat the candy while they were building it.

They were so proud of their teamwork.
And they couldn't wait to dive in!

I don't understand how some families make these and then keep them around for a little.
Ours met a quick demise.

Lydia was a sticky little mess.
Please note that she did NOT have a barrette in her hair, it is held back by icing.
I am an efficient mommy.

Candy's about gone.
What now?

The kids never seem to like the store bought gingerbread.
I'd like to think it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I bought the gingerbread kit last year and it has been in the bottom of my chest freezer for the year.
90% off, folks. That's efficient.
And I have another one I am considering saving for next year, if we don't use it this year.
(My in-laws are cringing.)
(It's okay, Mom and Dad, because they don't really eat it, anyway.)
(But to keep it real, I would totally let them if they wanted to.)

Since it was Family Night: Dave also made a fire.
I got a new camera. Does it look foggy?
It was. Smoky to be exact. Burn your nostrils, set off the smoke detector,
and leave-the-front door-open-even-though-it's-freezing-outside kind of smoky.

That would be our couch cushion Dave is using to help circulate the air so that we can all breath again. My man is efficient, too. Or maybe this has happened before... to a friend, of course.

Since it was a family night, and our unspoken theme was Teamwork, I put down the camera and helped.

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