Friday, January 21, 2011

It's POTTY time!

Because I didn't have anything to do...
or maybe because one little girl was SO ready....

I took the plunge last Monday and decided to toilet train the twins.
Lydia was very ready and I decided to include Caleb since it wouldn't hurt him.
A friend reminded me that toilet training is after all an essential life skill.

The end result?
Arguments over who gets to flush.
A lot more skin being regularly exposed.
Stopping into Wal-Mart last night for a date night and NOT having to pick up any diapers.
(We live a wild life.)
The first night in over SIX years where someone did not wet a diaper at night.
Terribly DIRTY toilets.
Lots of potty words - in and out of songs.
Lots of little undies around the house.

And so begins a new chapter in my life. I hope I know what to do with myself.

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