Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let it Snow!

Our first installment of snow:
The kids were outside even before the breakfast dishes were cleared.
The snow was perfect-o for building, so I joined them.
Lydia is our weakest link when it comes to playing outside in the cold. She's always the first to come back inside. She was none to happy as we were rolling snowballs for our snowmen. She kept crying that it wasn't getting bigger, but all of them were - just slowly. Caleb didn't buy it either and stomped on his. Now it really wasn't going to get any bigger.
What's a mama to do? I kept rolling mine until I was done, then I helped them. Lydia was still not enjoying herself, as we piled our snowballs to make our snowmen.
Then we put on the face and the girl was in love.
The crying stopped and she was hugging and kissing this pile of snow in our front yard.
Notice Lydia's leg and her smile - she was all about this guy!

Liam and Clara were happy that their snowman was taller than the other one.
They particularly loved using their own hats and scarves.
Liam was bummed that we weren't building a fort. He remembers the big snows from last year and has been a little disappointed with these piddly snowfall amounts.

The second installment of snow which came that evening dropped an additional 11" and we woke up the next morning to see that our snowmen had been buried. Not good for the snowmen, but there might be hope for Liam's fort after all.

On another note:
How do you get kids inside cheerfully when they are tired from playing in the snow and overdue for naps?

Give them empty bowls to fill with snow, add sprinkles, and hand out spoons.

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