Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Little Over Achiever.

This girl is just the sweetest thing these days.
She is snuggly and loves her mama.
She chats it up and we can hardly understand her jabberwocky.
She loves her pigtails and cries when she thinks their quality has been compromised.
She is a potty-training champ. The other night (at 3 am) I heard something, and when I got out of bed I found this little over-achiever had taken off her footies (and the 2 pair of pj's underneath) and her diaper to tinkle on the potty.
She dresses and redresses herself ALL day long.
She can even get herself dressed and bundled in snow attire all by herself.
She loves her baby doll, skirts and tights and all things girly.

Speaking of over-achieving:
Mama made what was supposed to be snowman pancakes. Above are the girls, with pigtails, please don't confuse them as snow dogs.
And here are the 'boy' ones, complete with french berets.
Our only regret is that we used syrup instead of powdered sugar, because, hello! it's like snow! The kids are already asking for them again.
Go Team Mom.

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  1. Very cute, the beret reminds me of Dave :)